Research and Innovation

NHS Fertility Centres in Scotland have a proud history of Innovation and Research with extremely close ties to Universities and International collaborators. This research is wide ranging and ultimately benefits patients seeking treatment. This research can only be performed with your help through volunteering and donation. For more information on projects you can potentially get involved in please go to (***Abha website). For more information on donation please see (

Examples of projects:

  • Optimising preconception health
  • When to treat and who to treat when facing subfertility
  • Optimising treatment strategies for fertility
  • Long term outcomes of children born as a result of fertility treatment
  • Optimal ways of reporting results after fertility treatment
  • Using fertility treatment as a screening test for future health
  • Decision making in fertility treatments – patient choices
  • Empowering women to make Reproductive Choices
  • Cost effectiveness of various IVF treatments
  • Evidence synthesis and literature Reviews