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How is Fertility Scotland Governed?

How is Fertility Scotland Governed?

Fertility Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government and ultimately responsible to the Scottish Government and the NHS Board Chief Executives to ensure delivery of improved care to patients and users of NHS Fertility Services in Scotland. The network consists of the Oversight Board, the Core Steering Group, Programme Management Team and Working Groups. In summary:

The Oversight Board provides overall strategic leadership, endorses recommendations from the Core Steering Group and ensures the network remains focussed on delivery.

The Core Steering Group provides a forum for interchange between working groups, the Programme Management Team and relevant stakeholders. The group makes recommendations to the Oversight Board.

The Programme Management Team oversees the the day to day running of the Network, monitors progress and reports to the Core Steering Group and the Oversight Board.

The Working Groups are established for each specific Project or Programme of work.

For more details please see the Strategy and Governance document.